Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Having an affair?

It's been said that any love poem is actually a confession of infidelity, as you cheat on your significant other with writing- instead of spending time with your sweetie, you're off canoodling with poetry. If that's the case, then Tanya Davis' "Art" cuts out the middle man. In this twisting your fingers, staring at your feet, fumbly love song, Davis tells art how she really feels:

Art, art, I want you
Art you make it pretty hard not to
And my heart is trying hard here
To follow you
But I can't always tell if I ought to...

Check it out at: http://www.tanyadavis.ca/music/04%20Tanya%20Davis%20-%20Art.mp3
Or see her complete website at: http://tanyadavis.ca/index.html

Double-Plus-Bonus- she's from PEI, so you get your Canadian for the day.