Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Russell Smith on Canadian Arts and the Harper Government

Novelist Russell Smith's succinct discussion of Harper's position on arts funding.

I'm "in the arts," and I'm an ordinary Canadian. I don't appreciate my Prime Minister insinuating that I'm not part of my country, and I don't appreciate my Prime Minister insinuating that "ordinary working people" don't have the capacity to enjoy art. It's insulting to all Canadians, and it's worth considering the impact this attitude towards "artists" and "working people" may have on you as an individual, and us as a country.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

H. Wright Photographer: Stop-Motion Film

My final film project for school. The box of photograph are from an album that belonged to my great=grandmother, yet no one can remember who these people are.

Alphabet Shelf

Inspired by Hollis Frampton's Zorn's Lemma--photos of books on my shelf.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Stop Motion Embroidery

i've made an embroidery stop motion movie, and this is the finished product. three days of embroidering and i only stabbed myself three times :P on a weird note, my camera has face recognition and registers the stitched figures as people. i'm not sure if that's cool or creepy.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Study Music

I've had three presentations this week (!), totaling about 30 pages of writing in the last five days, and Sur Sudha's Images of Nepal is keeping me glued to the computer. It's upbeat and soothing, cheerful and calm, and will keep you happy while typing.

Also, this mix:
Digable Planets -- Rebirth of Slick
Amy Winehouse -- You Know I'm No Good
Joe Strummer -- Mondo Bongo
The Breeders -- No Aloha
Bow Wow Wow -- Fools Rush In
The Pixies -- Where is My Mind?
Massive Attack -- Inertia Creeps
Muse -- Time is Running Out
The Distillers -- Drain the Blood
Tegan and Sara -- Knife Going In
Rocky Fortune -- Pack a Day
Matthew Good Band -- Symbolistic White Walls
Kathleen Edwards -- Back to Me
Remote Kid -- Fucking for the National Team
Martha and the Muffins -- Swimming
Cake -- Never There
Lily Allen -- Smile
Ariane Moffatt -- Montréal
Ani Difranco -- Swim
Kings of Leon -- Milk
Feist -- Gatekeeper

Fail safe study music.
Happy Academic April! :S