Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New Project! Magyarazni

I'm gearing up to start my next book, a project called 'Magyarazni,' and today I hit research pay dirt with this book of Hungarian Folk Art, as well as a few others I scooped up at the library. I'm going to be making 44 visual poems, one for each letter of the Hungarian alphabet, all of which will be based on Hungarian folk patterns used in embroidery, painting, carving, etc. Though I originally proposed to draw the poems in my funding application (oh yeah, I got funding! zomg!), I'm beginning to wonder if I shouldn't just embroider them, though I'll probably just stick to designing them for now and start stitching when I'm sure I can complete everything on time and within budget.

Speaking of budget, I am mulling over the issue of colour. While certain Hungarian embroidery is all red or red and black, other styles use a rainbow of bright colours. Though I originally planned on doing all black and red, I've begun to think it might make the book more visually interesting if I also did pieces in the brighter style. My one worry is that it might be more pricey to print books in full colour rather than just the black and red, and that the colour might somehow hurt my chances of publishing the finished product. And yes, it has to be formatted as a book rather than an art show because the visual poems are to be accompanied by written poems and interviews. Anyway, I'll probably just start messing around, see which designs work best, and maybe sketch them all out with a black outline and copy these sketched to do one set multi-coloured, one set black and red.

I also picked up this long canvas and some red, white, and black paint. I plan on doing one big design including the entire alphabet, maybe with a border of rovasiras. I'm not entirely sure how I'll use this piece in the book, maybe for the cover page, maybe at the end of the poetry section before the interviews, but in any case I'm pretty excited to get started.