Monday, June 17, 2013

Whale Sharks

 Live every week like it's Shark Week 
-Tracy Jordan 


though immense, i am
composed of the microscopic
each cell complex, dividing,
enclose within me
i am made up of so many
i am mottled, i am motile,
alone, each swish of my bulk
is my own, spontaneous,
the borders of my form are drawn
begun as a blastula, now,
inside i am a cavern,
a chamber, an unavoidable fact
i must ingest living systems,
though i draw no breath.


in the bathypelagic gloom
or vague tint
of the mesopelagic there is
only the churning tide
only the tiny bioluminescent
creatures who light their own way,
communicate their own
tiny intentions to the dim.
year to year, month to month
the cold, constant and
predictable, envelopes me
every inch, every fin
the pitch-black, pressing down
in this heavy night
these freezing depths
i am compressed—
here, i am so small.
i will stay here
as long as i have to
constantly moving forward
straining the sea,
swallowing the dark.

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