Sunday, January 26, 2014

From A to Google

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@nrvscrcts was doing some googling today, and pointed out that when you enter any letter into google the search engine suggests four words. You could write an ABC poem based on these words, he said. And so I did. Thanks to David for the idea!

A is for Air Canada, Amazon, American Eagle, and Apple
Fly through the sky buying books, tablets, and sweaters, no hassle

B is for Best Buy, BMO, Best Buy Canada, and Bitstrips
Borrow money for a new phone and make comics of your pursed selfie lips

C is for Canadian Tire, Costco, Craigslist and CBC
Snack on a big bag of chips in your sleeping bag watching your new-to-you TV

D is for Dropbox, Dominos, Dictionary, and D21
On a drive through Croatia, sharing photos of pizza is the way to spell fun

E is for eBay, Expedia, EBGames, and Etsy
Bid on the final fantasy that you will crochet by the sea

F is for Facebook, Future Shop, Forever 21 and Fido
Pull your smart phone from your pants and post about the places you’ll go

G is for Google, Google Translate, Google Maps and Gmail
Our benevolent masters who know what we mean, and set us on the right trail

H is for Hotmail, Home Hardware, Home Depot, and Happy Wheels
Email friends your high scores and photos of your construction travails

I is for Ikea, Instagram, IMBD, and iTunes
Post photos of you enjoying stars singing while you lick your new spoons

J is for job bank, Justin Bieber, Java, and JYSK
Search for a career in software or houseware design, while a little jerk’s songs play

K is for Kijiji, Kijiji Calgary, Koodo, and Kizi
Call your Albertan friends to tell them about your new-to-you skis

L is for LinkedIn, Lululemon, Lotto Max and London Drugs
No need to network, just process your photos and do yoga on your new Persian rugs

M is for maps, MLS, MapQuest, and MSN
Find the best route to the soccer pitch and then message all your friends

N is for Netflix, NHL, news, and NFL
Watch sports movies and get the latest hockey and football stats, your team’s doing swell

O is for OLG, Outlook, Old Navy, and Omegle
Win big in Toronto, and in your new jeans, email friends and tell strangers as well

P is for Project Free TV, Pinterest, POF, and Paypal,
Pin stills of shows and pics of gems you bought online for your new best gal

Q is for quinoa, quotes, QWOP, and QMJHL
Hockey heroes say they eat healthy and game heartily in old Montreal

R is for RBC, Rogers, Rob Ford, and Reddit
Text friends that being mayor is expensive, online this counts as wit

S is for Staples, Scotia Bank, Shoppers Drug Mart, and Sears,
Take out cash to buy enough advil, linens, and pencils to last you for years

T is for translate, Twitter, Target, and The Bay
Tweet in several languages about the great purchases you’ve just made

U is for UPS, Urban Dictionary, USPS, and UFC
Courier or mail friends offensive messages about the fight you saw on satellite TV

V is for Via Rail, Virgin Mobile, Vancouver Sun, and Viooz
Use the train’s Wifi to watch a movie on your phone or scroll through the news

W is for Walmart, West Jet, Weather, and Wikipedia
Through the turbulent air find comfort in cheap snacks and collaborative info media

X is for Xbox, Xbox One, XS Cargo, and X Factor
Buy a cheap gaming system, microphone, and practice for you TV debut disaster

Y is for YouTube, Yahoo, Yahoo Mail, and YouTube to MP3
Email the latest soft news to friends, then convert videos to a format that suits your needs

Z is for ZARA, Zulily, Zumiez, and Zehrs
Get decked out with your baby and hit the slopes! Or just buy some Ontarian pears.